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corporate event photography boston

Boston event photographer for corporate events, corporate communications, public relations, press photojournalism, conventions, and conferences.

Do you have professional photos of your corporate event on your business’ web site? Start building relationships with your prospective attendees.  People do business with those they trust.  Start building that trust with images from your Boston event on your site and social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

Think of it this way.  Your event web site is your prospect’s first impression of you.  Yes, copy and the content are important. But, it’s what your prospect sees that hits them first.  If they see stock images that are every other business’ web site, what are they going to think?  “Here’s one more corporate event in Boston that looks like the rest.”  But if you have great images of your event, you can begin to building relationships and attracting attendees without even meeting them in person.  They begin to learn who they might work with.  If your competitor’s web site has a lots of images of their successful corporate event in Boston, Massachusetts, they are one step ahead of you on getting more attendees.

Great images! Exactly what we wanted! – Arianna Rowe, Business Development Specialist, Wolf & Co., P.C.

Need great images of your corporate event to use to promote your next event? Are you an event planner and want quality images to promote your services for other clients? Marketing directors, do you need important photos of your award ceremony, keynote presentations, or breakout sessions?

You benefit from my experience. For more than 16 years, I have created professional images for small and large businesses and organizations.

80% of my clients have worked with me for over five years. They trust me, and I am grateful.

Donis captured the essence of our special event. – Deborah Stark, Charles River Development

Please browse by site for detailed information on how I can improve your brand, build stronger relationships, and be proud of your business’ web site. Learn about who I work with and the issues they face by clicking here.


I am a grateful father, husband, business owner, and photographer, who enjoys helping people every day!